Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ankle Arthrodesis Utilizing a Single Lateral Exposure and Headless Screw Fixation

Authors: Taylor, BC

Abstract:  Ankle arthrodesis is a well-accepted treatment method for patients with severe pain and dysfunction arising from degenerative changes of the ankle joint. Many different techniques have been described and can be appropriately utilized with the proper patient presentation. In this paper, we describe a technique of ankle arthrodesis performed utilizing a single lateral incision without fibular osteotomy and employing cannulated headless compression screw technology for fixation. When compared with traditional techniques, this approach has advantages of limited soft tissue dissection and periosteal stripping, possible incorporation of a previous surgical incision, rapid healing time and return of functionality, and elimination of hardware prominence.

KeywordsAnkle arthrodesis, lateral incision, headless screw

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