Thursday, December 15, 2011

INBONE Total Ankle Replacement: Current Status

Authors: James K. DeOrio, MD
JournalAAOS OrthoPortal

Abstract:  The INBONE Total Ankle (Wright Medical Technology, Arlington, TN) replacement is a modular ankle replacement system consisting of an intramedullary stem whose pieces are inserted through the ankle and pushed up into the tibia to support the tibial tray of the device. The original talar component of the INBONE ankle is a saddle-shaped prosthesis that resurfaces only the top of the talus. A new talar design feature of the INBONE II ankle is a sulcus and two anterior prongs. Between the tibial and talar components of the INBONE, each consisting of a cobalt-chrome alloy, lies an ultra-high–molecular-weight polyethylene spacer locked into the tibial baseplate. In the INBONE II ankle, this polyethylene component is V shaped, to fit into the talar component of the prosthesis. This article describes the use of the INBONE ankle in total ankle arthroplasty and provides a detailed review of the surgical technique used for its achievement.
Keywords:  Total ankle arthroplasty, ankle replacement system, INBONE

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