Tuesday, May 17, 2011

STAR™ Ankle: Long-Term Results

Jeffrey A. Mann, MD; Roger A. Mann, MD; Eric Horton, MD

There has been a resurgence of interest in total ankle replacement
(TAR) due to improved results with newer prostheses. However, long-term
survivorship data has been limited. The STAR™ Ankle prosthesis is the
first three-part prosthesis approved for use in the United States.
Materials and Methods: Eighty-four total ankle replacements were
performed in 80 patients using the STAR™ Ankle prosthesis and followed
prospectively. Postoperatively, patients were evaluated with the AOFAS
score for pain and function, and serial radiographs were evaluated for
stability and alignment of the prosthesis. Implant failure, secondary
procedures, and complications were recorded. Results: Ninety-one
percent of prostheses remain implanted at an average followup of 9.1
years. The probability of implant survival was 96% at 5 years and 90%
at 10 years. An average 39-point improvement in the AOFAS
ankle-hindfoot score was noted, from a mean of 43 to a mean of 82
points. We noted a statistically significant increase in both average
pain and function sub-scores. Postoperative range of motion averaged
4.5 degrees of dorsiflexion and 35 degrees of plantarflexion. Ninetytwo
percent of the patients were satisfied with their outcome. Ten patients
(13%) developed concerning osteolytic lesions. Change in prosthetic
alignment and adjacent joint arthritis were similar to previous
reports. We report 21 complications, which included 14 additional
surgical procedures. Conclusion: The first U.S. prospective long-term
survivorship data with the STAR™ Ankle prosthesis found it to be an
excellent long-term option for the treatment of ankle arthritis.

Level of Evidence: IV, Case Series
Key Words: Ankle Arthroplasty; Ankle Arthritis; Scandinavian Total
Ankle Replacement; STAR Ankle  

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